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Originally Posted by '47 Knucklehead View Post
Well, I'll let you know.

I got the Primochill fittings and acrylic tubing and tried multiple times using the Monsoon bending kit and didn't have much luck using the standard Primochill acrylic. It frustrated me so much, I basically put my current build on hold for 6 months.

After hearing about the PETG stuff (and was able to get 12 feet of it for $13.68 shipped), and especially since now Primochill has "blessed it" by carrying it under their name, I may as well try it out.

The clouding is my only real concern, but from all I'm reading and the videos I've seen, even after 3 months of running by other people, they aren't saying anything negative about it. The UV is of slight concern, but my system lighting isn't UV and it's far away from a window, so the only light it will see is LED lighting (most of the time is off, and when it's on, LED emit next to no UV ... which is why museums are using them now as opposed to other lighting sources ... they won't damage painting and cloth ... and maybe PETG).

Oh well, I'll start up my build again soon and hopefully report in when it's up and running.
Please do. I havent had any discoloration or and cracks or
Cloudyness. I don't run any up lights in my rig though. Feel free to post pics!
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