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Just expand upon my off the cuff comment....the 'gap' comes from the fact that Intel needs to slam out finished CPUs as fast as possible. This 'gap' keeps any mechanical errors during the process from damaging the CPU. Best guess is they have figured out how to reduce the gap, still keep damages to a min and improve temps. (once again) best guess is they didnt realize how hot their 3D tech was going to be and were being overly conservative on the gap.

So what they did is move around the hot spots on the core (thus the 'new' gen CPU), reduce the gap...I bet by about .01 or so...and use a slightly improved TIM...packaged it all up and called it a new and improved chip (should have at least changed the stepping though!). I bet 5Ghz is still going to be luck of the draw and anything over 4.7 is going to be pure luck.
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