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See here:
AnandTech Forums - View Single Post - Delidded my i7-3770K, loaded temperatures drop by 20C at 4.7GHz

Did a bit more reading. AKG is right. It is the gap not the TIM. In fact the TIM may be among the best on the market right now.

Of course, this demands the question, what was the gap on Sandy? And what is the gap on these new Devils Canyon chips?

Performance-wise I'm skeptical that it will be more than 10% over Haswell, and maybe less. Remember, the Ivy Bridge-E chips had the solder and struggled to clear 4.5 GHz in most cases, at least without excessive voltage. Also recall that the delidded Ivy Bridge (non-E) versions did not overclock that much better. Most did not clear 5 GHz. I would guess judging by their operating temperatures they did not have a big gap:

Intel i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E Review

They ran cooler than the 32 nm Sandy Bridge E CPUs. Voltage-wise, 1.4V on a 22 nm process is pretty high. There have been reports of Sandy Bridge CPUs degrading at 1.425V by comparison, so I'd be worried about using that 24-7.

Check this out too:
Intel 4790K OC Report ~

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