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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
This pic has been floating around for a few days, but it's pretty wierd so someone might get a kick out of it- I was thinking about making one with my wife's cat. Looks like they even got the scroll wheel in there- notice the glow of the lazer though its rump.

"I’m not sure what sick and demented SOB would sit around and think, hmmm what I really need for my rig is a mouse with a mouse shoved up its bum. Technically I think this is a hamster with a mouse shoved up its bum but I digress. Some weird person with some taxidermy skills and a bit of modding muscle too k a real rodent and put the insides of a mouse into the caucus. You can see the scroll wheel peeking through the mouse fur and skin and it appears that to click on something you need to push the back of the head. What remains unclear is if the rodent was gutted just to make the mouse mouse or if the little guy died of natural causes and provided a what can you do with a dead mouse type of scenario. I’ll chalk this one up to what you don’t do with a dead mouse. Gross. "

From USB News
The guy that did this had something missing somewhere for sure!
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