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My System Specs


Sold/Traded items:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 :: Traded
Sapphire Radeon HD4850 Single Slot - Dead :: Traded
Q6600 G0 :: Sold
Gigabyte H61M-USB3-B3 rev1 w/2x2GB DDR3-1333 RAM :: Sold
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 :: Traded
Happauge HVR-950Q USB ATSC TV Tuner :: Traded
2x2GB DDR3-1333 Micron :: Traded
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 CPU :: Sold
Corsair CX430 :: Sold
Linksys PAP2T-NA :: Sold
Linksys PAP2T-NA :: Sold
Samsung SyncMaster 701N 17" LCD :: Sold
2x2GB DDR3-1333 1.5V :: Sold
G-Skill 2x4GB DDR3-1333 RAM F3-10666CL9-8GBRL :: Sold
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium HD PCI-E :: Sold
iPod Touch 4th Gen 64GB :: Sold
i7 3770K :: Sold
Dell 3007WFP-HC :: Sold
ASUS RT-AC66U :: Sold
Gigabyte GTX780 Windforce 3 :: Sold
MSI Z77A-G43 ATX Motherboard w/box & accessories & 4 x 2 GB DDR3 RAM
Intel Celeron G1610 Ivy Bridge CPU & 2x2 GB DDR3 RAM
PowerColor AX7970
MSI Z77A-GD65 & 2x2GB DDR3 Combo :: Retail box, receipt, some accessories. Sorry no I/O plate.
Corsair TX750 Bare PSU
Corsair HX620 PSU
G3220 & H87M-G43 & 4x2GB DDR3 Combo
MSI 7870 TwinFrozr
3 x G3220
XFX 1250W
Corsair HX650
8GB HyperX
Gigabyte WF3 7950
Pentium G3220 Haswell CPU & MSI H87M-G43
Patriot 2 x 8 GB DDR3-1333 SODIMM RAM
Sapphire DualX 7950
Gigabyte WF3 7950
Seasonic X660
ASUS 290X Reference
Sapphire Radeon 7950 Dual-X
ASUS 290X Reference & XFX 290X Reference
Visiontek R9 280X 3GB w/Retail box, accessories.
Gigabyte Radeon 7950 WF3 :: LNIB fresh from RMA. With retail box and accessories.
2x4GB Mushkin Ridgeline DDR3-2133
MSI Radeon 7950 TwinFrozr III :: Retail box, accessories.
Apogee XT Rev 1 :: Missing one screw on the inlet plate. It was working when I last had it in use, but as-is. Could use a good soak in ketchup.
PowerColor Radeon HD 7950 :: No box, just the card.
Pentium G3220 :: Retail box and cooler included
Lot of as-is video cards :: BFG 8800GT 512MB w/Accelero S1 :: Black screen when 3D driver loads - candidate for baking PNY 9800GT 1GB :: Re-flowed once with a hot-air pencil ASUS 5870 :: Dead VBIOS, missing screws for backplate (misplaced) Radeon 7970 reference design w/Accelero Xtreme 7970 :: No POST with card Matrox QID LP PCIe :: Seized fan, with dongle
G-Skill 4x4GB DDR4-2400 RAM
Razer Mamba - doesn't detect mouse movement but everything else works - GONE
2 USB hubs - unknown condition - GONE
Huawei MT130U
Thomson DCM475
Acer V223W 1680x1050 22" LCD monitor
2x Mellanox ConnectX-2 SFP+ 10GBe cards - 2 cards and 2 Cisco 3M DACs. HP MNPA19-XTR but crossflashed with standard Mellanox FW.
Trendnet N bridge
4x4GB Samsung DDR3 RAM
2 x Mellanox ConnectX-2 10GBe adapters with 2x Cisco 3M DACs.
EVGA Geforce GTX670 2GB

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