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My System Specs


Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Dude I got a power supply sitting on the floor that exploded during a electrical storm from a customer and its all black and charred haha.

He's like "I walked into the room and there was blue smoke everywhere!"
Not to confuse with ghostly apparitions


What are the manufacturing dates on those boards with bad caps in the pictures above ? I know that some years ago there was an epidemic of bad caps circulating on the market and a lot of motherboard manufacturers were affected. I have used a lot of hardware through the years, both for myself and for friends of relative, and never ever came across a bad cap or burnt resistor - last week I got rid of all my old motherboards sine my 286 - and a few from the Athlon XP and an old XP64 they were on 24/7 for years and gone through torture and not one cap was bulging, they were intact - I've always used quality power supplies and the current here is stable - Unfortunately some people wait too long and the damage is done - with the price of motherboards I would buy a new one and I would not bother recapping or going through the trouble - I would like to think that some motherboard manufacturers have solved this problem now as I haven't come across any new MB with such a problem.

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