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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
What OS was used for testing? If this product supports multi channel / 192 KHz / 24 bit digital output under win 8.X then it fills a much needed niche in the marketplace. I went looking for a USB solution w/ S/PDIF output and found user reviews suggesting that the windows 7 based ones were severely borqued under win8 when it came to digital output.

Can you confirm the range of settings for digital out under windows 8.1? (I'm not even sure if AKG is running an 8.1 system yet.... ;) ).
From my understanding, and from my conversations with ASUS:

- There are no more "true" 24-bit DACs being produced anymore. They all feature some form of shaping to create a "virtual" 24-bit signal

- Neither I nor ASUS have seen a current receiver that can actually receive 24/192 over S/PDIF. Rather, with content that has the necessary bitrate (Blu Ray), HDMI is the chosen output / input format.
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