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Default LAN Gaming

LAN Gaming is obviously not new to some of you.
Others probably don't remember the fun of actually having your friends in the same room, screaming at the telly just isn't the same.

I assist in organizing a LAN group every year and for the past few we've been playing the Battlefield series. Started on BF2 -> Bad Company 2 -> BF3 -> currently on BF3 with all the add-ons.

We wanted something more team oriented so we've just bought Insurgency. It looks cool and a bit more tactical. It also has a private dedicated server which is nice.

Anyone still run LAN games? I was trying to think of something we may have missed:

We've tried Team Fortress 2
Call of Duty 2
Day of Defeat.

Titanfall looks interesting but I fear it's just CoD with robots. it's it's expensive for buying 10 copies.
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