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My System Specs


I'm down at 4.2GHz and ~1.3V which gets me a max of 63C during LinX (problem size 11530, memory 1024, run 15). I idle from 31-35C with the same 22C room temperature.

I have a EX360 + RX240 and a HK3.0 Nickel block on the CPU. My GTX690 is in the loop too. Dual DDC's w/ PWM, set pretty low at idle but 100% once CPU temps are over 40C. Fan wise, Gentle Typhoons 1450RPM, running at roughly 5V (low on the Cosmos II fan controller). Also I don't think I've cleaned anything since Nov 2012...

As you can see, I've become lazy and have moved towards silence over performance.

But at your voltage and having dual GPUs in the loop, those temps seem about right to me. If you want to improve your temps some, I'd agree with the above and say to make your top rad intake instead of exhaust.

I used to run 4.8GHz too, but the heat/noise wasn't worth it as I saw no obvious gains in gaming.
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