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Originally Posted by slugbug View Post
Maybe if enough of us complain to the new Liberal Government they'll change that stupid Quebec sweepstakes law. It's nothing but a cash grab anyway.
Believe it or not, I don't agree.

A few years ago a local a retailer pulled a bait and switch on me and the government took care of everything from filing the necessary paperwork to follow-ups with the retailer.

From when the complaint was filed to its eventual conclusion, the experience made me a huge fan of how contests are handled here.

For those wondering, the contest was for a laundry pair worth $1800. The laundry pair they delivered was valued no higher than $1000 and then they had the balls to tell me I was enrolled in a bunch of their in-store programs by default (which was not mentioned in the fine print).

Sure it may sound petty, but the law's the law.
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