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Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
correct on setting #1 beyond that issue starts

as to auto vents will be useless in pc for they are for radiant heat systems, big bulky

They only need to be installed anywhere an air gap is present like the top of a bay resi etc. Air vents can typically go anywhere heat is present whether you are heating or cooling there only needs to be expansion. It's also a good way to remove air because when water heats up it expands. Pressure will force the air out.

Again you are correct about the 90 degree fitting it is a bad idea. Typically pumps need 2-4 pipe diameters in and out. 1/2' tubing would equate to 1-2 inches. Optimally for MOST pumps 10 pipe diameters is best but often the space required isn't available. Most pumps are engineered for 2-4 pipe diams. Pump speeds directly affect cavitation. Please feel free to investigate it further if you don't understand.
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