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Originally Posted by clshades View Post
Let it go Kapt he doesn't have a cavitation problem. He would more than likely need to run that d5 vario at 24 volts maxed to come close to causing cavitation which by the way would melt the impeller rather quickly and air bubbles would be the least of his worries. Micro bubbles in a water cooling system in the 1st week or 2 is completely normal. I like to see them go away in a week or less personally but depending on the size of the loop it can take a little longer sometimes. Alternatively auto air vents can be installed to relieve thermal pressure and release air but most people here never bother with them.

Dual inlets is a waste of time, space and money period.
correct on setting #1 beyond that issue starts

as to auto vents will be useless in pc for they are for radiant heat systems, big bulky
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