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My System Specs

Default OC and undervolt my 3570k

Well I finally put a little time into my 3570k that I got in the fall. I decided I don't want to push anything crazy as its already perfect for my needs, but I would try and get better efficiency out of it while pushing a small amount extra. Full specs in my sig. Load temp/watts/volts in prime95.

Stock everything Auto: 1.032v idle, 1.128v under load (3.4 ghz)...forgot to take a power reading

4ghz everything auto: 1.044v idle, 1.260v load 170watts from the wall (highest core temp 66 deg C)

with tweaks so far @ 4ghz: 0.900v idle, 1.092v load using 139w (highest core temp 54 deg C)

Basically I haven't blue screened/froze up yet and am prime95 testing as I type. There is WAY more in it if I wanted a higher OC.

Settings I have changed (worked to get to this in steps):
- PLL voltage dropped from 1.8 to 1.7
- Load line calibration on standard (its one of the lowest amounts...had higher initially, but wanted load volts lower without dropping idle too I am basically using vdroop to my benefit)
- Dynamic vcore (offset) -0.145v
- turbo boost off, but all energy saving left auto to allow voltage and freq to change with load

How am I doing?
Anyone see any areas for improvement, or for me to try?

UPDATE: See post #13 for my conclusion to this small tweaking adventure.
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