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Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
They do that due to all the special laws for Quebec. Quebec is to blame not NCIX and I'm the first to poke fun at NCIX but they are doing a great giveaway and just don't want to 10 pages of legal BS or all the added taxes and crap that Quebec wants.

All and all good on NCIX and Happy Birthday NCIX your now legal ;)
I know it has to do with the laws. But I also know that they used to make some contests like this worth well over 2k $ where Quebec was allowed. I know cuz I won't some poster in them. But now, their contests are either opened to the world (usually Qc included) or to the Rest of Canada (Qc excluded).

I used to laugh at the egg for excluding Quebec and to love NCIX for being inclusive. Now, I put those 2 in the same basket, except that the egg has some of the worst sales ever.
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