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My System Specs


Just to clarify:
You're saying to use a "Y" Connector and run lines into both return outlets on the reservoir? Next time I drain the loop I can re-orientate the bottom Rad so there are rotary 90's (basically double 45's) coming off the bottom Rad and either no angles into reservoir inlets or 45's at most.
I'll also re-orientate the CPU Block 180 degrees so the inlet is on the right side vs left side.
As far as the larger size tubing goes I'm 3/8" ID and 5/8" OD throughout, having larger at outlets / inlets would require "reducers"...

Anyhow approaching 18 hrs...did a lot of tilting 90 degrees in all directions of entire chassis, stop / start pump several times...wiggled fittings...tapped reservoir...tapped leaks...

Pump is set to 2-3 throughout the night, still some tiny bubbles clinging to the inside of the reservoir glass, but seems to be slowly clearing up.

I'll finish wiring the push / pull fans, install my Drives....I have some Cathode UV Tubes....but honestly...they look cheesy....too many frigging wires requiring restricted placement...due to I may just nix installing it altogether.

First game I'll boot up is Batman AC...with vsynch disabled....previously on air...with vsynch disabled, I would be around the 90 - 125 FPS, both Cards utilized 95%...but even with aggressive Fan Profile at which point point both GPU's would be wailing away at 75% Speed (loud), temps would reach 75- 80c...

Firestrike Extreme: 21.452
MARK 11: 32.530

Introducing me n my OCD to Watercooling, is like taking an Alcoholic to an "all you can drink" Beach Bar in Mexico


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