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My System Specs


most pumps no matter what kind require 2-4 pipe diameters of tubing/piping in order to prevent air build up / cavitation / protect the impellor which is the killer of all heating and cooling loops be it commercial or hobby.

If you are using 1/2ID tubing you would require 1-2 inches of tubing before and after the pump inlet and outlet to get proper performance and prevent air build up. Unfortunately water cooling pumps don't actually have instructions regarding this little gem of info. Kapt is right however I'd be running an inch or 2 of tubing on both the inlet and outlet of the pump prior to any fittings.

I would only mess with the speed settings to aid in air removal. Running your pump max speed will not provide better cooling btw... it will in fact increase the temperature. You will need to do some testing in order to find the optimal pump speed. It's very easy to do too... simply run a graphic intensive program like litecoin mining or folding@home . use any temp measure program (it doesn't need to be perfectly accurate readings) then adjust the speed until you get your lowest average temps.
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