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Default Leak Testing and Coolant Volume

So, been leak testing since around 17:00....all seems good so leaks anyhow

The first hour or so did a lot of varying the speed of the pump and tilting the tower to extreme angles ....tough with this monster case but completely doable.

I notice if I run the pump full speed for too long (at the start anyhow), seems to create a lot of agitation of the coolant and thus little tiny bubbles and surface bubbles.......I'm just going to run the pump at mid speed though the next 18 hrs or so.....tilting the tower and running the pump from high to low every few hrs commencing in the AM...overnight I'll just let it run mid speed......does this seem like the right approach ??

Will all those little tiny bubbles clinging to the inside of the glass reservoir eventually clear up....?

Also...took just over a Liter to fill....including topping up the reservoir.(reservoir holds around 450 ml)...this seem about right ?

Went with UV Blue Fesser Hose and clear Fesser Coolant...I do have clear Primochill tubing and was going to go with that and blue Fesser Coolant, but decided beig the first kick at the cat I didnt want to be covered elbows to fingers in blue coolant

Anyhow, included some pics...I set up a drain manifold with a shut off valve coming directly off the outlet of the pump....was wondering if that secondary inlet on the photon could also be utilized as a drain?

I arranged both my XSPC 360 Rads in push / pull....bottom is an intake and the the top an well there are 3 Penetrators in the front for intake and a another 140mm Intake top back.

I also set my bottom Rad up so that I can easily add another XSPC 240mm Rad in the bottom in case I do decide to get a 3rd 780Ti.

Anyhow,,,thats about far....certainly takes it to a whole new level and certainly I can see how "addictive" it can be.....I mean I havent even finished this thing and I'm already planning another Rad and 3rd Card .....maybe watercool the Mobo...
Tomorrow afternoon I should be booting up .....fingers crossed


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