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Default Fallout 3 120 dollar edition ... I mean Survival edition.

So I heard about the fact there was going to be 3 versions of F3 and I was a little surprised. Regular edition sure, collectors edition for sure... survival edition? An Amazon exclusive oh boy! 120 bucks.... WTF. And the only thing you get in it that you don't in the Collectors Edition is a life-sized Pep boy ... thats a clock. Don't get me wrong I don't know if its more than just a clock but from the pictures thats all it seems to be. So 50 bucks for a clock. A kinda neat looking clock I will give you but man. Whew I feel better now that I have vented. I will still get this game for sure but I am thinking the Plain old Collectors edition will be good enough for me.

Oh yes I forgot there is a bobble-head as well..... WOOOOOO!
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