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Default Need advice on mobo?

I am thinking of purchasing a mobo from a used site in town, Here is the link for the MOBO. - Buy Intel DG33TL mATX LGA775 G33 DDR2 PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 PCI SATA2 Sound Video RAID 1394 Motherboard - BOXDG33TLM In Canada.

I am wondering how well this would do for Overclocking compaired to my ASUS P5B?
I need to find a new/used MOBO as the little Clip to hold my GPU in has broken off. I can still use my MOBO but my GPU is not completely secured.
This person is selling this mobo and a Q6700 CPU for 300 bucks. Does that sound like a good deal?
BTW, Do you ASUS would RMA my MOBO since the little GPU clip broke off during regular use? I think they offer a 3 year Warranty on their products.
System spec: Intel i7 2600k, Gigabyte GTX 570 Super Overclock, Kingston DDR3 2X4 GB sticks, ASUS P8P67 PRO, Cooler Master 700 watt PSU, 750GB*2 Sata,SATA III 1TB HDD Acer 24 Widescreen, Antec 300, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
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