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Originally Posted by Vittra View Post
There were only 1000 cases made. They are planning to have a V2 run with small revisions though.

The main thread on Hardforum (where the creators of this case reside and started the project) is over 500 pages long and every configuration possible has already been covered, so take a look there if you want to see exactly what this case is capable of. A great wealth of information lies on the very first post itself. I built a full loop in the system including dedicated DDC pump (minus the NCASE Reservoir made by Frozen-Q that mounts on the outside to the 92mm bracket and lines up with the grommets) so the case is deceptively accommodating for it's size. I used a 120.2 38mm rad which is really the upper end of what you want in this case. The case was designed to use every mm of space possible, there is virtually no wasted space. Several people have thrown in H220's and then added the GPU to their loop. This is the case that really made me rethink larger cases and all the wasted space we typically find in them. The only major manufacturer that seems to actually understand SFX is Silverstone, so a lot of the innovative stuff that hasn't already been tackled by them has actually been by people starting up their own projects (NCASE M1, Lone Industries L1 & L2, Compact Splash, etc).

The case has the option of using an ATX power supply with a supplied bracket but it primarily designed for use with a SFX PSU. There are major sacrifices if you try to use one to the size of CPU cooler and length of GPU card. That being said, the 450 Gold SFX PSU by Silverstone is sufficient for most builds and they actually have a 600W Gold SFX PSU coming out, hopefully within the next few months.
I just discovered the NCase M1 is rather limited regarding power supplies. I'd need a new PSU with one. My Corsair HX520W won't fit:

Therefore, the case would be $200 + $40 (shipping) + $75 (SFX PSU)! :)

It is an interesting case, though, and other than the price (and availability?), I like how versatile it is while having one of the smaller form factors. It is the style I'm looking for (not too big but lots of options) except that I'm trying to use my current PSU. I suppose a new SFX PSU is around $75 but not many are in this market yet, it seems. Silverstone seems to be the most active in it? Well, I guess my top choices now are the 250D (a bit large than I like but it allows for a cleaner look and allows me to use my psu), the CM Elite 130 and maybe the Fractal Node 304? I also like Lian Li cases but most seem to be similar to the NCase in that the psu would either not fit or be a tight fit. I guess that is expected, though? Lian Li helped design the NCase M1.
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