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My System Specs


The case is really expensive and you will only get it if you donate to their fund? I don't get it.

Looks like an interesting case. I didn't know there were so many mitx cases out there. I was looking at them and there's so many intangibles - space, whether ATX power supplies will fit, whether you can have a liquid cooler and which rad will fit.... how many drives... ahhhhhhh... ;)

'it's pretty sad that it's taken this long to get a CPU cutout for a mitx system....although, I might be the only one that likes to switch out coolers and see what fits and doesn't fit'

I was thinking the exact same things but on some cases, the mobo is on a 'platform' (don't know what else to call it) but, yes, the ones that are vertical, why aren't case manufacturers providing a mobo/cpu cut-out?
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