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Originally Posted by rob123 View Post
was thinking about making the switch to vista 64 bit to see of things were any faster. i installed the vista upgrade advisor from microsoft and let it do its thing.

everything is fine except it said that my nvidia 8800gt (asus 8800gt) will not work with vista.

my specs are as follows
intel e8400 core 2 duo
4gb ram
asus 8800gt 512 mb ram
5 x seagate 500 gb 7200.11 HDD
3 x seagate 320 gb 7200.10 HDD
samsung dvd burner
pc power and cooling 750 watt
many fans

nothing overclocked

thx for your time

Oh dear you got the Vista + nvidia bug.

Didn't you hear? Vista is only ATI compatible, if you want to use nvidia you need to use Linux.

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