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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Varroa View Post
I picked up a Ti version for my HTPC and so far it seems pretty good. I watched a bunch of videos on it without any tearing that I can tell. If you can find a Ti cheap then I would recommend picking that up, I found mine for $169 at Newegg.

As for gaming I haven't really tried it out yet but my WEI score was in the higher 7.x rating for gaming so that seems pretty decent.
Thanks for your input! The Ti sounds like an ideal card for what I'm looking for. My case is only a mid-size so the Ti should do nicely. I just have to decide which one. So far, I like the Zotac and EVGA but I haven't decided between them yet. Can you tell me which one you got? At the moment, $169 sounds like the cheapest for these.

I like that some of these cards are compact and low heat/low temp while still being able to do some moderate gaming. Nice to have although the video playback concerned me the most.

Thanks again! :)
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