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My System Specs


Stage 1. First place so far! (And I also have a few backups just in case...)

Dead Things`s 3DMark - Cloud Gate score: 4747 marks with a GeForce GT 610

But alas, the good news ends there. My old Dual-PII ASUS P2B-D, which I know for a fact was working when I put it in the box, won't boot up any more. *Frowny face!* Wow, it sure would be helpful if somebody else could post a PII score! *Cough Cough* And since we're on the topic of bad news, I also was able to get my hands on a 3DLabs Wildcat Realizm 800. Like my P2B-D, the guy assures me it was working when he last used it years ago, and like my P2B-D, it ain't working now. *More frowny face!* Anybody have an old Matrox AGP card or something like that kicking around?

edit - Quickly tried the onboard XGI Volari Z7 graphics on my Tyan Socket F server board to see if it could run 3DMark03. No dice. I think I might have a board with onboard VIA Chrome9 somewhere, but it wasn't where I thought it would be when I quickly looked for it last night. And although it's not a dual-slot server board, I have an ASUS P3B-F as well. I've never had a chance to power it up since I acquired it, so no idea if it works or not... We shall see! I've got my fingers crossed that HWC can hopefully run a full slate.
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