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Default Evga 8800 gt: Nvidia VS Evga drivers

yesterday I installed an 8800 gt in my system to replace my 8600 gt. A fairly big jump performance. I didn't get to try my first game until earlier today and I got a bit of a shock. The game is TF2 just in case your wondering. Well in the graphics options screen it tells me everything is set to high with the reccomended asteriks beside it.... but the game controls seems to hiccup. Its the only word I can use to decribe it. I asked anyone else if they were lagging but they weren't. And although I am having some issues right now with my Deathadders drivers its still working. But its not just mouse controls that seem jumpy the strafing using the keyboard is doing the same thing. Now I am using the newest 8800 drivers straight from evga but I seem to remember someone mentioning the fact that they integrate PhysX into them can affect your fps. I was wondering if I should go get the newest drivers straight from nvidia or if I should just set some of the graphical setting to medium? Any insight into my problems would be appreciated.
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