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Default E-mail application for Android (What do you guys use?)

Pretty much as the thread title asks, I'm curious to see options and opinions on E-mail applications to use for Android. Paid, free, ads (preferably not, but..), whatever!

I used to use K9 Mail (so please don't suggest that!), but recently I've been discovering more and more problems with attachments that are just not opening or taking forever to download with no indication of anything actually working. Also, the default Gmail application seems to have a few bugs as well, I previously had issues sending e-mails, which is.. rather critical. AOSP email app is just broken for me, though that might be my ROM too.

I might make this into a series of awesome android applications, focusing on a different type of application each time (Not that there aren't a billion such sites/reviews/whatever out there already...) to create a productive and solid android ecosystem.



Ah I remember why I thought the AOSP app was 'broken.' as I looked at it again briefly with all the suggestions above. - It doesn't support push from gmail (And google apps I think? I recall trying that, but I may try again), forcing you to use the broken (for me) gmail application and, of course, polled email checks. I use various email accounts frequently at work and on the road for work, I need emails to be pushed ASAP to me.

To expand, the gmail application failed to send messages for me at a critical time while I was on the road for work. After looking up the issue, I was rather stunned to find that I wasn't the only person with the problem. There were a few fixes suggested, but none of them had worked for me at the time. I need an application that's going to work solid and reliably as much as possible when I need it to work. Gmail isn't that application, and I would very extremely prefer ONE application to handle everything, not two or three.

Also, a good looking app wouldn't go amiss. Clean and functional.

I checked out Solmail earlier today, but that kind of just made me barf and I uninstalled that thing rather quickly. I'm onto cloudmagic right now. I'm liking it, it creates a index of emails in an amazon cloud for super fast searching. A dig through XDA indicates the dev keeping it quite secure as well, but if there's any sort of privacy concern, it might be one to avoid. However the app itself it rather nice. Fast and clean, seemingly still being tested and developed quickly.

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