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Default MS Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

Hello all.

Is there a setting or method for getting usb-hub wireless k/m combos to work properly in games? I picked up the MS Wireless 3000 set from FS a couple of weeks ago when it was on sale, the keyboard is ergo and nice and quiet and mouse is very quick and accurate. However, in games I am guessing the hub intermittently has a data collision and clears or pauses in its sending to clear the issue. This obviously effects games where constant movement is necessary, ie. fps's and mmo's probably ok in rts's. Does anyone know if there is a way around this? Or am I going to need to have a spare wired keyboard lying around that I can swap in? Hey can you plug in 2 keyboards without v64 throwing a fit?

Forgot to add - I have no other usb items plugged in that might be interrupting, ie webcam, printer, etc

Thanks again
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