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My System Specs


Originally Posted by lemonlime View Post
I was soo close to checking out one of those at $150 from NCIX too Sure didn't take them long to sell out.
Hehehe, I was the first one to snag one. Couldn't resist myself.

A little update:
I've modded the BIOS now to run 650/1050 with my own fan profile. I've got it maintaining 80C at 50% fan speed after 50 loops of Crysis Assault Harbor. So I think that's pretty decent since with the stock BIOS it would idle at 77C. Idle now is 70C with 27% fan speed. Anything beyond 50% fan speed starts to get pretty audible so I'm trying to avoid that.

Also with the modded BIOS I have "proper" Power Play clocks so that probably helps bring down the idle temps as well since it doesn't run as fast as it used to.
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