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Default hard drive advice... please...

i think i made a mistake to buy raptor 150gb (WD1500ADFD) for 130

misunderstood that 7k1000 is better than samsung f1

according to many hard drives...

now i am little uncertain if i misunderstood...

my goal; buy two hard drives... one for system ( game, win xp sp3 64 bit or maybe vista)... one for my works(files)/entertainment(video and pictures/storage(my collection of non-porno files))

i have two questions...

i need a good hard drive that

- can handle winxp sp3 64bit (start, run, etc), programs (you know program that you used), and games...

minimum 50 gib... i dont need a large gb such as more than 200gib except good price

- [i dont know how to say] want fastest media hard drive (to handle image viewer and VLC player)

about save my personal files for my secondary hdd... i dont care about save/copy/move/etc... i am very patient person...

right now... ncix sell f1 750gib [698gb] for 112cdn (or 1000gib for 175cdn... i rather to buy two 750gib over buy one 1000gib)

raptor is little expensive and new hard drive will beat it with new technology... or should i keep it for 130cdn?
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