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Default Is info that was in RAID 0 Still easily Accessable?!

I am wanting to sell a couple of Hard drives that were in RAID 0 config. I went into the BIOS and Cleared the RAID Config so I could install WIN xp on one of them. I had no issues installing my WIN XP 32 on them, But I did format them first.
So my question is this. Since the other two Hard drives that were in RAID 0 have not been re formatted since I cleared the RAID 0 Config, Is the info that was on them still available to someone if I sell it too them? I am concerned that someone with the right know how could access the info that is still on them.
Wouldn't they have to somehow use a RAID 0 Format and have the same OS that was used to access the info?
please can someone tell me if the info that is still on them could be easily accessed?
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