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My System Specs


I am in the same boat as OP looking for a nice portable ultrabook to take travelling instead of the 17" I normally use.

So, after looking around I ordered a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2. A few things I noticed right away:

It came with an ISO layout keyboard (short shifts tall return) which I can't stand.
It has brutal backlight bleed.
The high resolution is incredibly sharp, but can cause problems with some games. IE: SC2 wouldn't show the mouse pointer until I turned the res down, incredibly low frame rates when playing anything at full res.
I personally found windows 8 incredibly frustrating even with a touchscreen.
Battery life sub 4 hours with 30% brightness and wifi on.

I called up Lenovo to ask if they could replace the keyboard or even just sell me one to replace myself and they had no idea what I was talking about. Their forums are littered with people complaining about backlight bleed, some who have ahad multiple replacements with the same problems. To their credit, they let me return the unit with very little hassle. I will be looking for something else with better battery life and 1080p resolution.

TLDR: Bought a Yoga 2 Pro, didn't like it, returned it.
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