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When you say Intel CPU and GPU are specifically excluding Ultrabooks with a discrete GPU?

What you should get depends really on your requirements, preferences and how much you want to spend to achieve those.

Do you specifically want an Ultrabook or an Ultrabook type laptop? By this I mean for example a non touch display laptop that would otherwise be thin/light, use a Haswell ULV, and fulfill other requirements technically is not an Ultrabook. Commonly someone may really just want a more portable laptop and not necessarily an Ultrabook.

Regarding your screen size range, current Ultrabook specs have a different max height requirement for 13.3 inch and lower display laptops than those which are higher.

The Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro is a convertible Ultrabook. It has the highest resolution you will find at the price range you specified (3200x1800, albeit Pentile). Battery life is on the lower side of Haswell based Ultrabooks however (this doesn't mean the battery life is necessarily bad).
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