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My System Specs


IN MY personal estimate for this endeavor... I think the worst case for me is that NET - I break even (I know it could easily be worse). PLUS Now I MUST water cool my PC - something I wanted to do for a while. Now I really need to get solar ASAP... I am building an idea as a major part of my life that will force me into action - including living mortgage free with minimal expenses - until I get on track and build a house in a few years.

I really need to force myself to do many things that people just do. Then again most others don't think they work for wage based slavery. This may seem a bit weird but so am I. I have Aspergers Syndrome. I have found a wondrous amount of motivation from this project. I'm a peaceful man and I look forward to growing old but sometimes I get down and things become a bit bleak. Make no mistake I am in a good place and NOW I am able to remain here ~ so I shall.

I've finally decided to stop feeling as if I do not fit in and simply carve my own place in this world. I am finally ready to accept that is how I can be happy. I'll spare the details but I've skirted accidental death on more than one occasion. I was very purse of heart as a child - until I fell from grace. I want to build my KARMA back up. I'm sure I've withdrawn more than I have deposited. I really want to do more to give back and help... FOLDING @ Home... 10X 4TB HDD's (With redundancy) by the end of the year to keep certain torrents alive forever more... A.S. Does have its silver linings. I read and interpret law better than English. MAKE NO MISTAKE - Canadian laws are not written in English. They are written in Legalese. It looks like English and sounds like it - but the words often carry very different meanings.

At the age of 8 I took a book on programming in basic out from the Library - as I had a Commodore 64. To try and program at such a young age... Only to have most of the programs fail to run - and then need to re-enter EVERYTHING... I became EVEN MORE of a stickler for Syntax. There are enough previsions in Canadian law to protect me from copy-write law RE: torrents. By protect me I mean If something does come my way I'll beat it. The last time I was on the Stand I was barely in my 20's - a high school drop out... It was for a civil suit where the opponents lawyer actually WHINED to the judge "Your Honor...." to which the judge just Shrugged - Because I was simply OUT-LAYWERING the out of him. When I am well fed and well rest my wit is quick enough to answer almost any question in almost any way I please With an answer that is either acceptable or DAMNING to my opponents case.

My conscience can no longer allow me to try to fit the traditional mold. I've tried so many different treatments... And Different prescriptions (with side effects ranging from being a Zombie, to talking like I'm drunk, to barely being able to not "shit my ******* pants" - I dislike cursing on forums but those curse words do not even begin to describe how I felt about that as a daily struggle)... and so much more.

I must make my own place if I wish to be a healthy, productive member of society - who is not miserable and indifferent to their own life (let alone happy). If any of this seems negative I am sorry. Sometimes I have difficulty expressing my thoughts clearly. I mean all of these things in a good way. Society is one who is broken and I can finally accept that and move on to live a somewhat normal life but far more importantly BE HAPPY!

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