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Default help with putting SP3 on a fresh WIN XP?

I just finished installing WIN XP 32. Now I am thinking of installing VISTA 32 after I get my WIN XP fully patched to SP3. I only have the upgrade disk that has been sitting in my desk for over 8 months. I am wondering the difference in gaming performance if any between having a 'Real' install of VISTA and the Upgraded Vista
Anyone have thoughts on that?
And in order to install vista over top XP I need to have WIN XP 32 fully patched with SP3 right? Someone told me that you can't just install SP3 on a fresh install of WIN XP, Does that make sense? They said you need to first put SP2 on it, then put SP3.
So first of all, What is the best way to get SP3 installed for the best performance?
Then after that is done, Win XP fully patched to SP3.
Is there anyway to dual boot XP 32 and VIsta 32 while only having the Vista upgrade disk?
I have two hard drives to use if i need to. But I already Partitioned up my 750 GB Hard drive into four parts. And Win XP is on that one. So I could use one of those partitions to Dual boot Vista And XP.
I thought I remember reading that it is possible to dual boot XP and Vista while having only th upgrade disk.
Please can someone help me with this issue
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