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Thanks! Seems like the i5 4670k is the way to go then, as there is no objection to it. Fits my price range too. I'll start to keep an eye on prices and sales and wait for the good moment!

To answer some questions,
Yes, I do have my OS and basic programs (not games) installed on a SSD

Maverick : I did mention I did not plan to change or overclock my GPU. If you rather have explanations, here you go :
While I surely understand that my gpu needs an upgrade too, there is something called budget. I have to make choices, and in my case what needs upgrade THE MOST is certainly my cpu/ram/mobo. It also allows me to get a better GPU anytime i'd want later, a couple of months or years later. I don't play FPSes at intense ultra high graphics and i don't mind it at all. I want better performance in general. Also, I did not mention i'll be selling the other parts, I won't sell them because i'm giving them to a close friend. I don't think "sell this and that" can be decided and included into the price range of what I want to buy.

My goal here is to optimize general performance, not only ingame graphic performance.

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