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My System Specs


That case is spectacularly pretty. But the crappy MB power cable situation, wasted space and other issues kill it for me. It's nice, but sure as hell not $300 nice.

The optical bay on the bottom I'm indifferent about. For how often I use an optical drive I could just get a usb slim to have handy, and the cut out would be used to house controllers, flash drives or something. I'd want to have that case up top on the desk so I could look at it all the time, so a little cubicle wouldn't hurt.

For what it's worth, the things I would have like to have seen on this would have been;
- Change the rear panel to two sliding latches or something to make taking it on and off a breeze.
- Fix the fugly 24 pin situation, probably by adjusting some of the areas (rear clearance, hdd cage) that Dimitry pointed out.
- Maybe ditch the optical bay entirely to allow an intake fan/mesh on the bottom. It's not like it would affect the aesthetics of the case.

Maybe a V2 down the road will fix some of the shortcomings, but I can't help but think between the price and problems they're not going to move many of these cases off the shelf. Which is a bit of a shame because * 'oooooohhhhhh shiny' *
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