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I can't figure out what part of the market this case is intended for. Gaming enthusiasts? Nope, sure it will fit a couple of high-end video cards and a large tower cooler--but it can't provide them with proper airflow. Overclockers? Nope, limited cooling ability without serious modding. Someone needing lots of storage options? Nope, this case has less options for storage than some mini itx cases. Silent computing enthusiasts? Nope, small and restricted fan mounts will make the fans on all their other components run faster (and louder) to keep them cool. Budget builders? Nope, although this case would probably work just fine with budget components, it costs almost as much as the budget components they'd be putting in it. The only thing going for this case is that it looks cool. This is a poorly designed bottom of the barrel budget case made out of premium materials with a premium price tag to match.
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