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My System Specs


Thanks for the tips! I did see something in Bios about having a 1.25:1 ratio for NB to ram speed, and 3ghz on the nnb.... kinda scares me.

It turns out one of the sticks is dead... it was working, but now it fails to do anything at all. Just going to RMA to newegg.

With 2400, it runs fine with the 7850k, at stock clocks. It is rated to only support 2133 though, so i could/should downclock for stability. The board is only rated for 2133 too, so for that sake, when I get it back I will run it at 2133.

The increase in FPS is crazy though.... The iGPU runs Skyrim at 20 fps with 1333 ram, MED settings, at 1280x1024, but with 2400 ram i was getting a solid 30+ fps...

Anyway, I hope the RMA does it :)

Again thanks!
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