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My System Specs


he said he tried at 1.65
did you try one of the XMP profiles or whatever they call them on AMD side, I know for my PH II to run 1866 I HAVE TO overclock the cpu-nb or it will not period. you could try one notch more on the ram voltage but 2400 is very fast speed for 99% of all AMD setups unless you overclock like mad, and even then it just may not be supported far as I recall the official spec for nearly all APU is 1866, so to run 2133 it needs to be overclocked and to run 2400 you just may not be able to.

That and not all ram is the same as in some boards will run say Corsair ram at 2133 4 sticks but will not run Gskill 4 sticks, dual sided single sided etc it all makes a difference.

Also just keep in mind the timings, the performance difference of 2133 at tight timings and 2400 at loose timings, the 2133 will win out 90+% of the time as its per clock performance will be higher though its bandwidth is lower(and even then its not a huge amount of gain) that and the dividers will come into play, loose timings on fast ram with bad dividers will give an even larger edge to the "slower" ram.
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