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Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
Don't mine Litecoins. Mine something else like Dogecoins. The value of DOGEs soared tonight.
So I looked into BITcoin JUST as they ASIC's were putting GPU's out of business (if you could get them back then). I was too late. I did not know about the 290 and 290X being EXCELLENT mining cards until maybe 3 or 5 nights ago. So I read a bit more, saw how it almost mirrors bitcoin (in the past) and hopped on.

I had not looked into any other Crypto-currencies (I still need to order a pump, fittings, tubing, silver coil, ummm....). I just started glancing at Doge an hour ago - my body wants sleep, my brain wants to know... all... things... CRYPTO-Currency! I am open to other currencies but I need to read a bit more. So far Doge does seem like it may receive part of my efforts.

Do you know of any good reading on Doge off the top of your head? Or any key differences?

I have only read a little but there is a massive number of coins (obviously)
It is earlier so a greater potential for growth is a tantalizing thought.
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