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My System Specs


CLSHADES ~ Thanks for the input. It's a car rad I bought new and 6 months later scrapped the car. It's been sitting over 10 years, but its pretty clean and brass... STILL I want to pressure test it. I suppose I should have expected it to be a VERY low pressure system as the hoses in the PC's do not have a braided re-enforcement layer.

Good to know it is not 'really' a pressurized system. I draw my knowledge of liquid cooling mostly from cars - where they add pressure to raise the boiling point of water for a bit more headroom with the cooling systems. I realize pumps create flow, restrictions create pressure. I've pressure tested some intercoolers before - cap one end, fill with water, cap the 2nd end with a fitting you can add air pressure to... Very Easy to find leaks. This is how they RETEST (welding) gas tanks to about 3000PSI - With almost no air inside the container looses pressure instantly upon cracking rather than simply EXPLODING (if it were filled up with only air). They also put it in a sealed area just in case.

Thanks again
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