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My System Specs


If you are wondering why I was so willing to pay above retail its because it fits nicely with my plan for 2014.

So I bought an 1992 Gulstream last year with the intent to move in this spring. 37 foot long, 74,000 miles She's a BEAUTY! She needs love of course (one 1 issue that is not small). I am a single guy so living in a small area for a while mortgage free sounds pretty good - Especially when that includes a Generator, Skylite and a BAR - Like I said its a beaut. I wanted to add solar panels for my power and heat. In the spring it will be home, but down the road it will be a cottage and RV and Party Bus. I also forgot it has about 30% more Torque than stock and 25% more horse while providing better mileage - THANKS MR BANKS for your awesome upgrades!

I was planning to install solar power before Winter 2014 but since my PC will likely need a KW 24/7... Well I am going to want to get some solar in place much sooner. This is part of my decision to jump in and pay above retail on these cards. If my Electricity costs disappear soonish... PLUS I can still mine for a while longer even than those who pay for electricity.

If I have solar it only makes sense to use electric heat - duh. BUT I thought... Sure I could use a little heater OR I could use this to half justify new video cards - I was planning to set them to fold to be my source of winter heat. A Pair of 290X on Water SHOULD be able to produce some HUGE PPD. I suspect that down the road the cards will be set to fold once the payout of LITEcoins slows down enough. WORST CASE I will keep them for heat, folding, gaming, etc I suspect I will have some serious folding done before 2015.
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