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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Looks great!!! Glad to see somebody found a use for that rad. ;)
Thanks again SS!

Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
Forgot to ask...what kind of temps are you getting on the CPU and GPUs with that setup?
Hmmm.... can't think of all the exact numbers off the top of my head. I'm at work right now.
I think the CPU idles around 25 and hits 45 while gaming. That's external temp. Internal temp is a lot higher but jumps around. I've seen it hit 70 - 75 a few times. One GPU shuts down at idle but the one that doesn't I believe hovers around 35. Both hit around 45 - 50 while gaming. I still have to play with fan speeds and find a good balance between performance and quietness. Once I get that done and pay more attention to system temps I'll have better answers.

Edit: I just realized that I probably have a ton of air stuck in the top of that 360 rad! I never flipped the unit around to get rid of any trapped air after filling it with fluid so I will probably be getting way better temps after doing that.

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