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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
These cards might have been worth something 3-4 months ago. Now they are a cash grab and not worth it. Nvidia should be ashamed for releasing more and more cards with these cores and calling them new. These are not new.
The worse is that NVIDIA is misleading unsuspecting customers - because in the comparaison chart they compare 9800 / 8800 and other cards, BUT they use GTX specs, but don't mention it, only 9800 / 8800 / 8500 etc.... VERY deceptive practices - I can imagine people losing sleep over the 9800 and rushing out to upgrade their 8800GT to 9800GT - suckers! That reminds me of what Creative did with their inexpensive line of X-FI cards that were nothing more than rebadged Audigy cards with audigy chipsetrs ! Why not use 8900GT, of course marketing wise it's better to use 9800GT to sucker up people !
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