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My System Specs


Lutro0... They ship with USPS and I did not have to pay any customs on my order.
They also do not label anything, so you'll receive a ziplock bag of crimps and connectors, rolls of sleeving, wire, heatshrink, and are left on your own to figure out what is what.

I bought their sleeving but haven't been able to finish my project due to a bunch of issues with ordering from them. The looks and feel of the sleeve is fantastic, but I actually haven't even put it over any wires yet.

They flubbed my $270 order. They originally only shipped me half of the items I ordered. I asked when will I get the remaining items, they apologized and said they shipped me the rest of the items. When I asked for tracking they said it was "lost" and they sent me another one which I did receive. I think they actually forgot to ship it and then only did after I asked for an update.

My modded LC crimper die for 16AWG is messed up and they said they shipped me a replacement + extra crimps at the end of November. Still no replacement die or reply to my follow up email :(
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