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Originally Posted by hero1 View Post
That rad space is crazy tight up there. I hope you get your res exchange asap.
Yeah Im working on getting them to send me one ASAP, and they seem like they will but if they push back I'm going to flip LOL

and the Rad space, there is space which is the point, unbelievable that I didnt have to do any modding what so ever to put 2 420 rads in there (besides take out the HDD cage) and the Ek Rad is a thick rad too which is great :)

Originally Posted by Fortier View Post
Surprised they sent out a reservoir in that condition, could always polish the brass though
yea but thats not the point, and even the glass has scratches in it so I wouldnt even bother putting time in repairing it when I had to pay $130 in extra fees for the shipping!
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