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Default LANified! 16: Reloaded, Mar 8-9, Calgary Gaming Event

Good news everyone! We have our next event coming right up, LANified! 16: Reloaded, and we would love for you to come have a great time with us! There will be multiple tournaments ($800 cash prize pool!), great food (on-site concession) and generally lots of gaming!

Doors open 10 am Saturday March 8th and the event runs continually till 6 pm Sunday March 9th! Yes, we are talking about a LAN party.

But BloodyIron, what tournaments will you be running?
-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5v5
-Team Fortress 2: 3v3
-CS mini tournament
-TF2 mini tournament

But BloodyIron, I want to play other games! What about me?
Well we simply cant run a tournament for every single game out there, that's just not possible! But that doesn't mean you can't come and play other games anyways. When people sign up for our events we ask them what games they want to play and we put that info in a list on the events page under "Game Preference" so others can find what games you want to play and vice versa!

But BloodyIron, how many of my friends can you fit?
We're fully equipped to handle up to 50 attendees plus staff! So make sure to bring your friends and let us know that you're coming.

But BloodyIron, where do I find out more? Can I sign-up, or perhaps buy entrance ahead of time?
We certainly do have more details, and you can sign-up/prepay too! For the full event details head to: LANified!

But BloodyIron, I haven't been to a LAN before, can I come poke my head in the door at the day of the event?
You certainly can! If you want to see what the event is like before you plonk down your heard earned money just come on down and we'll gladly show you what it's all about! But be aware we only have so many seats, so if we run out we can't simply portal in more space! You can also check out a timelapse video of one of our past events: LANified! 7 - Fall 2010 - Calgary Canada - Timelapse - YouTube

But BloodyIron, I have a question that I can't find an answer for somewhere, what do I do?
You can post on our forums ( LANified! ? View forum - Gaming/Lanning discussion ), or contact us directly on STEAM ( Steam Community :: Group :: LANified! )!
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