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My System Specs

Smile PSUS

Well I guess I'm 1 of the unlucky ones. Got a dud bnib. 24 pin shows nfg. replacement shows up same ft!!!

Can't use credit towards a card, have to wait for them to rigorously test the replacement when it gets back to them, then they'll send a working unit.

I thought, that's crazy. Sent me a Duke Nuke'em belt buckle. Huge, would probably make my pants drop...scary thought.hahaha

Anyway, all this for a 1500w psu.

Hell I'm still fighting with Asus about my x79 sabretooth. They really dropped the ball and expect me to take a refurbished board, and supply a credit card number. policy...

After them accusing me of damaging the 1st refurbed board they sent me, and expected me to pay $120 for repairs I lost it. They waived the fees. How nice, bnib mobo that doesn't work right and I get a refurbed?

Now the 2nd has been since August, and they cancelled the rma bcuz I never sent my board in. Premium replacement, my ass. They're supposed to ship a replacement b4 I send mine in!!!

If they don't make this right and send me a bnib board, then I'll never buy and Asus unless given no choice whatsoever. Approx $2000 in mobos this yr and this is how I get treated?

$400 paperweight?

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