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Originally Posted by Oversized Rooster View Post
However, the 300GB VelociRaptor is a whole different matter. Compared to the 150GB Raptor, there is a massive improvement of 1ms in the access times. We're now at 7.3ms only. The minimum transfer rate has increased by 35.9MB/s or 91%. The maximum transfer rate has increased by 33.4MB/s or 39%. The average transfer rate has increased by 26.6MB/s or 36%. The burst rate has increased by 31.1MB/s or 28%.

The VelociRaptor operates between 26 and 31 degrees in my case. My other three WD5000AAKS drives are all between 30 and 36 degrees.

Seeking is VERY quiet. If you have a few case fans on, then you won't even hear the VelociRaptor seeking. My old 150GB Raptor, on the hand, was quite loud.
Sounds impressive regarding the figures and when you look at the sound aqustics! I thought that the 150GB and 300GB VelociRaptor had the same performance before I looked at this.

When I looked at the price here in Sweden, the price at is at 361.69 $. So from what I can see the prices seems to have been dropped a bit.
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