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small update
Picked up a MSI Z87 GD65 Gaming board, wasn't my first pick in motherboards but I got it for $139 after rebates. I wanted the Hero or the Maximus vi formula, but I am on a pretty tight budget on this one. I just hope I'm not disappointed at my choice.
Also picked up a Seagate 240 gb ssd,primochill tubing,and some various fittings.

Now I've all but given up on installing the two elites into this case. I can't come up with any scenario where they would look decent in the case.So I'm just going to try to keep it as basic and clean as possible.

Here are where I chose to install a fill port for the reservoir and a drain port for the system. By the looks of the pics, I got a lot of painting to do.
I also mounted the reservoir to the roof on the psu side. I want to keep the motherboard side of the case as clean as possible.
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